The TriCord Mentors Story

Dr. Freeman with Dr. Natogma, Fuller Theological Seminary in Ghana

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries the cause of Christian higher education and, more particularly, theological/ministry education was promoted, developed and supported throughout the world. The legacy of the past includes numerous institutions, primarily in the developed world, which are experiencing growth and have access to resources that allow them to thrive as they fulfill their stated missions. At the same time, there are other institutions, primarily in the developing world, which continue to struggle for survival.

Because of the generosity of forward thinking colleges, universities and seminaries; faculty have been made available to their struggling counterparts for many years. Other organizations have been formed to provide funding for bricks and mortar and local fund development. Still others have given significant attention to faculty development and scholarship.  All of this activity has proved to be a great asset to both the receiving and sending institutions, but there is more to do.

The challenge is to create the same kind of synergistic mentoring service for indigenous academic leaders at the executive level of emerging and struggling institutions that will help maximize their impact within their own context. With contextually relevant mentoring and coaching most should succeed and emerge as quality institutions.

This is the time for an organization whose mission is to facilitate synergistic mentoring alliances between individuals, institutions and organizations that are passionate about helping to strengthen thelogical and ministry education around the globe.