A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

TriCord Mentors exists because of these partner organizations that are equally committed to coming alongside the leaders of theological education institutions in all corners of the world.

West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS), Lagos, Nigeria

The initial seeds of Synseis involvement with WATS were planted in November 2001 when Dr. and Mrs. Freeman first visited the seminary to conduct a pre-accreditation assessment. WATS has drawn on Dr. Freeman’s and Synseis expertise extensively since that time.

Synseis personnel have provided counsel to WATS through the following activities:
• Presentation of faculty development workshops
• Advising the Governing Council and Seminary leadership in strategic planning
• Coaching newly named Provost (president) during leadership transition

William Udotong, WATS Provost, has arranged for Synseis personnel to lead an institutional assessment team during November 2009.

Kingsley College, Melbourne, Australia

Synseis Alliance International was conceived during the years that Dr. and Mrs. Freeman volunteered at Kingsley College.

Dr. Freeman assisted Kingsley in various ways including:
• Coaching the newly reorganized college board on governance principles
• Mentoring the newly appointed principal in academic practices and processes
• Reviewing the theological curriculum and making revisions necessary to meet best practice and accreditation requirements
• Initiating new relationships with other academic and accrediting institutions

Marilyn Freeman served as a full-time volunteer administrator who:
• Restructured financial processes and practices to promote financial solvency
• Supervised non-academic staff and related processes
• Developed promotional publications and organized promotional activities
• Insured the physical plant was maintained and operated safely and efficiently

Synseis personnel continue to provide ongoing academic advisory assistance to Kingsley administrators as requested.

Indian Bible College (IBC), Flagstaff, Arizona

Dr. Ron Freeman began his involvement within 2008 when he was asked to assist the college board in working through decisions surrounding college location and future plans. Since that time, he has continued his relationship with IBC through a leadership transition. Dr. Freeman is now mentoring IBC’s newly appointed president.

Synseis Alliance was asked to assist Indian Bible College in 2008 as the college board pondered future plans including institutional location. Additional support has been provided through a presidential change with ongoing mentoring for the newly appointed president.

Key services that Synseis has provided to IBC include:
• Coaching board members on governance principles
• Guiding strategic planning
• Providing ongoing mentorship for a new president
• Facilitating positive interaction between the college board and president