Easley-400x250Synseis Alliance International has changed its name to TriCord Mentors. The name change is to more clearly state our mission, as the Holy Spirit enables our ministry to mentor top global theological leaders.

In fact, the new name draws from Ecclesiastes 4:12 (“a cord of three strands is not easily broken”) and shows how a team of committed believers working together can have the greatest impact.

Solomon cites several specific benefits of the three-fold team or group, over individual, efforts, including: Greater Productivity – “[they] accomplish more than twice as much as one”; Greater Results – “get a better return for their labor;” and Greater Security – “if . . . one falls, the other can . . . help” and “two can stand back-to-back and conquer.”

He also notes that the addition of another team member is an even Greater Benefit – “three are even better”. A team is a strong union and is a “triple-braided cord.”

At TriCord Mentors, we believe this team is: a mentor, a local leader, and the Holy Spirit. Training and equipping theological leaders is of utmost importance. These leaders will impact thousands of pastors who will reach thousands of congregation members.

Each key theological leader can therefore represent as many as 1 million believers! (Leaders training 1,000 pastors to reach 1,000 people over their lifetime of pastoral ministry; 1,000 X 1,000 = 1,000,000!)

We thank God for the impact we have had in doing this crucial work of mentoring over the past ten years. With God’s provision and the hard work and encouragement of our supporters, we believe that the future is bright for TriCord Mentors. We may have a new name, but the vital mission of equipping these key leaders remains the same!

Please feel free to touch base with us at info@tricordmentors.org, or simply visit the contact page.