Dear Friend,
Let me get right to the point.
Top theological leaders around the world have great schooling but little training on how to run their institutions.
They need mentors.
God has enabled great progress in Synseis’ work to provide such mentors. We have spent years learning
how best to mentor these leaders. We have built a strong board and staff. We have top-flight global institutional
executives ready to serve as mentors.
Dr. Victor Cole, a top African leader from African International University in Nairobi, Kenya is leading the
Impact Africa mentoring effort.
We have had great experience in Australia and will launch Impact South Pacific (for the island nations south
of Asia and around Australia) and Impact South America next year.
God has been good – and we are grateful to Him for His provision and to you for your faithful support!
And now, we have even more good news: we have received challenge donations totaling $25,000 to enhance
and expand the work of Impact Africa, South Pacific and South America.
Again, let me be brief.
We need your prayers and support now more than ever. After several years of getting the network, materials,
and mentors in place, God has now said in effect: “It is time to move forward!”
The focus of this $25,000 Challenge is clear: impact for training and mentoring the top theological leaders in
Africa, the South Pacific, and South America. The infrastructure is in place; we now just need the provision
of funds to move ahead.
Please pray. Please see if God might have you make a special extra-generous gift at this key juncture in the
life of this ministry.
Again, thanks for your prayers and support – great days are ahead!
Dr. Ron Freeman, President
P.S. Please visit to respond to this unique $25,000 Challenge for Africa,
South Pacific and South America. Please be generous – God bless you!