“The typical profile of an African ministry educator is one who, despite being overworked, overstretched, under-equipped, and under-resourced in a essentially lonely profession, is nevertheless quite dedicated, resilient, and keenly interested in improvement. Joining with Synseis Alliance International to mentor, train and support a new generation of leaders who can serve as catalysts for transformational change in Africa and beyond is the fulfillment of a God-given vision.” Dr. Victor Babajide Cole

Senior Fellow, Regional Director, Africa, Synseis Alliance International

Thanks to each of you who took part in Synseis’ 2015 year-end appeal! Your generosity will enable the work of Synseis to move forward in 2016. As was explained in the letter and messages you received through the month of December, our plans for 2016 include:
  • Expansion of the Impact Africa initiative in Anglophone Africa under the able leadership of Dr. Victor Cole.Pray for… Dr. Cole and his wife Toyin as they return to their native Nigeria for the next season of life and ministry. We thank God for Dr. Cole’s partnership and heart for ministry educators in his homeland.
  • Continued development of relationships throughout Central and South America that enables Synseis to provide a formal mentoring program for emerging leaders of theological education in the Latin world. Pray that…a Regional Director will emerge and the work of Synseis will continue to find favor with current leaders of theological education in Latin America.
  • Completion of the Synseis Mentoring Module to reach a larger number of theological education leaders in need of leadership, mentorship, and fellowship.  Pray that…this module will be completed by July 1, 2016 and its reach would be extended through collaborative partnerships.
  • Synseis Board Meeting to finalize 2016 plans.Pray for ….productive meetings January 28-30 at the Heartland Center in Kansas City and for travel mercies and good interaction for the board and invited guests.
COMING YOUR WAY In the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of the simple ways in 2016 that you can keep up the support for mentoring theological leaders in the Majority World with “Share and Pray.” First up is taking a peek at Synseis’ new website, which will be online soon! You will receive a special invitation to preview the site when it’s ready.
We are looking forward to sharing a bright and prosperous 2016 with you!
Dr. Ron Freeman
President Synseis Alliance International