More than anything else Synseis is excited about serving a God to whom we can offer such praise for the past and hold such eager anticipation of His promise for the future. All over the Majority World, there are pastors, scholars, and students who find themselves in academic leadership of seminaries and regional theological education institutions. They have no colleagues, little funding for training, few resources, and virtually no mentoring or fellowship. Synseis is working hard to help these leaders by offering academic leadership mentoring so that they might more effectively shepherd others who are pastoring and teaching the Bible to new believers. This is important work. We are making headway for several institutions in Africa, South America, and Asia. But what if we could do more?

Imagine what would happen if we could reach 100 top theological leaders throughout the Majority World with mentoring and training. What kind of impact would that have on God’s Kingdom?

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a few minutes to watch this exciting and brief video presentation on Synseis’ 2020 Vision to see the potential Kingdom impact in the years ahead.

You are an important part of the work that Synseis is doing to grow God’s Kingdom by mentoring academic leaders in their leadership roles. Thanks so much for your partnership in this very strategic work.

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