You are part of a very exciting time at Synseis!

Your prayers and support are making it possible to encourage top global church leaders to serve as regional mentors to the rising generation of pastors. And, this strategy is gaining traction. And, once again, Africa is leading the way.

Victor Cole

Dr. Victor Cole

Dr. Victor Cole has served Africa International University (the former Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology – NEGST) for the past twenty-five years. Dr. Cole is approaching  retirement age, but with his passion and energy is NOT in a retiring frame of mind!

Over the last year, I have held a number of conversations with my friend, Victor, and he is most interested in working with Synseis as a Regional Senior Fellow, meeting with and mentoring top leaders at evangelical schools throughout Africa.

Dr. Cole is keen to spend the rest of his life enhancing the work of leaders who will impact professors, who in turn will help unleash thousands of pastors to reach tens of thousands of people throughout Africa.

(You can see the multiplied impact of the work of Synseis in this Prezi presentation.)

As a result, it is a pleasure to announce: the IMPACT AFRICA campaign, a unique opportunity to make a very leveraged investment in the growth (in both depth and breadth) of the church in Africa.

One of our friends and supporters, Joe Estes, recently said, “The work of Synseis is not just a great idea, but a movement that changes the face of global ministry education!”

And, now, through IMPACT AFRICA, this movement can expand at an ever-increasing clip.

IMPACT AFRICA has the potential of not only increasing the impact of Synseis on the continent of Africa, but also in helping this ministry end the year in the black!

So, it is especially important for you to prayerfully consider a generous gift at this time. 

Your support will help Synseis, but more importantly it will increase the strength of the church in Africa. And, in the midst of the Ebola crisis in West Africa and the battles with groups like Boko Haram in Nigeria, the church needs to stand strong in its witness.

Please join in the work of Synseis through IMPACT AFRICA today. Leaders like Dr. Victor Cole are ready to be deployed in serving the rising generation of church pastors. All they need is the encouragement and support from your partnership in this effort.

You are making a great impact through this work. Thanks so much for your prayers and financial gifts to the strategic work of Synseis.

Ron Freeman
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